Sitting,Smokeless,/cardiaplegia6617588.html,Care,-,Instrument,Fumigation,$118,Vaginal,,HHYGR,Fum,Health Household , Health Care $118 HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation Instrument - Smokeless Sitting Fum Health Household Health Care HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation 5% OFF Instrument - Sitting Fum Smokeless $118 HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation Instrument - Smokeless Sitting Fum Health Household Health Care Sitting,Smokeless,/cardiaplegia6617588.html,Care,-,Instrument,Fumigation,$118,Vaginal,,HHYGR,Fum,Health Household , Health Care HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation 5% OFF Instrument - Sitting Fum Smokeless

HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation 5% OFF Ranking TOP4 Instrument - Sitting Fum Smokeless

HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation Instrument - Smokeless Sitting Fum


HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation Instrument - Smokeless Sitting Fum

Product description


Safety protection

Steam Permeation Technology

Low temperature fumigation

Deep penetration

Far Infrared Technology

【Product parameter】

Product name: fumigation instrument

Frequency:: 50HZ

color: White

Voltage: 220V

Weight: 6KG

Product material: ABS plastic Polyni steel material

Use place: beauty salon, home


1. Keep the massager away from water.

2. Keep away from chemical materials such as cosmetics and soaps.

3. Pregnant women are not recommended to use the steam seat.

4.Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you bid.

5.The colors may have different as the difference display, please understand.

Happy Shopping~

HHYGR Vaginal Care Fumigation Instrument - Smokeless Sitting Fum

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