BeautyMega,Barber,$125,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Professional,Sp,Modern,/crosier6254573.html,,Black,Chair,Salon,Salon $125 BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Chair Black Professional Salon Sp Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Professional Chair Max 46% OFF Sp Black $125 BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Chair Black Professional Salon Sp Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Professional Chair Max 46% OFF Sp Black BeautyMega,Barber,$125,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,Professional,Sp,Modern,/crosier6254573.html,,Black,Chair,Salon,Salon

BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber store Professional Chair Max 46% OFF Sp Black

BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Chair Black Professional Salon Sp


BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Chair Black Professional Salon Sp

Product description

Model: Barber chair
Material: Steel frame/ Faux leather
Color: black
Suitable for barber shop, beauty salon, tattoo shop and more
Easy to setup (if there is any question, please contact seller)
360 degree swivel with lock
Warranty: 1 year on hydraulic pump
Ship out within 48 hrs
Size information:
Chair width: 24 inch with armrest
seat width: 19 inch
seat depth: 19 inch
Height: 33-39 inch
Base Diameter: 36 inch

BeautyMega Modern Salon Barber Chair Black Professional Salon Sp

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