Stîck Very popular! for Beginner Role Play Massaging Feel Inchs Big Size 11.8 $32 Stîck for Beginner Role Play Massaging 11.8 Inchs Big Size Feel Health Household Wellness Relaxation Stîck Very popular! for Beginner Role Play Massaging Feel Inchs Big Size 11.8 $32,Play,Stîck,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Role,Massaging,for,Inchs,11.8,,Big,Size,/crosier6255073.html,Beginner,Feel $32,Play,Stîck,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Role,Massaging,for,Inchs,11.8,,Big,Size,/crosier6255073.html,Beginner,Feel $32 Stîck for Beginner Role Play Massaging 11.8 Inchs Big Size Feel Health Household Wellness Relaxation

Stîck Very popular for Beginner Role Play Massaging Feel Inchs Big Size 11.8 Max 89% OFF

Stîck for Beginner Role Play Massaging 11.8 Inchs Big Size Feel


Stîck for Beginner Role Play Massaging 11.8 Inchs Big Size Feel

Product description

●Total length: 11.8 inches / 30 cm
● Insertable length: 9.4 inches / 24 cm
●Diameter: 2.28 inches/5.8 cm
●Weight: 850g
●Product packaging: private packaging, make your shopping more at ease
We are committed to manufacturing and selling high-quality products and massagers
Give you a good physical examination and enjoy the ultimate life.
Exquisite design
Suitable for your own use or foreplay with your partner

Stîck for Beginner Role Play Massaging 11.8 Inchs Big Size Feel

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