$39,Bulbs,Light,ST64,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,E27,LED,AC/DC,12-36V,LED,6W,appbryggeriet.com,Filame,Edison,Screw,/crosier6491673.html $39,Bulbs,Light,ST64,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,E27,LED,AC/DC,12-36V,LED,6W,appbryggeriet.com,Filame,Edison,Screw,/crosier6491673.html 6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs Indefinitely Edison Filame 12-36V DC AC Screw $39 6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs AC/DC 12-36V Edison Screw LED Filame Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs 6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs Indefinitely Edison Filame 12-36V DC AC Screw $39 6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs AC/DC 12-36V Edison Screw LED Filame Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs

4 years warranty 6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs Indefinitely Edison Filame 12-36V DC AC Screw

6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs AC/DC 12-36V Edison Screw LED Filame


6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs AC/DC 12-36V Edison Screw LED Filame

Product description

6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs AC/DC 12-36V Edison Screw LED Filament Bulb Warm White 2700K Vintage Bulb Equivalent 60W Halogen 360 Degree for RV Camper Marine Yacht Lorry (4-Pack) [Energy Class A+]

Suitable for RV Camper Marine,Solar Power Light and Off Grid

Input Voltage: 12-36V AC/DC,110V/220V is forbidden
Input Voltage: 12-36V AC/DC,110V/220V is forbidden
Input Voltage: 12-362V AC/DC,110V/220V is forbidden

Certification: RoHS
Certification: ce
LED Chip Brand: Epistar
Luminous Flux: 600 - 660 Lumens
Power Tolerance: 5%
Led Bulb Type: Bubble Ball Bulb
Color Temperature: Warm White (2700-3200K)
Beam Angle(°): 360°
Base Type: E26/E27
Voltage: AC/DC 12-36V
Average Life (hrs): 25000
Shape: Globe
Length: 140mm
Type: ST64 led bulbs
Color: Warm white
Voltage: 6W 2700k warm white

6W ST64 E27 LED Light Bulbs AC/DC 12-36V Edison Screw LED Filame

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