D,Action,PVC,/crosier6492073.html,Figure,Naruto,3.5,Inch,Boxed,appbryggeriet.com,Yocqbm,$70,Death,Jiraiya's,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets D,Action,PVC,/crosier6492073.html,Figure,Naruto,3.5,Inch,Boxed,appbryggeriet.com,Yocqbm,$70,Death,Jiraiya's,Toys Games , Toy Figures Playsets Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Gorgeous Action Figure Naruto D Inch Boxed PVC 3.5 Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Gorgeous Action Figure Naruto D Inch Boxed PVC 3.5 $70 Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Action Figure Naruto 3.5 Inch PVC Boxed D Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets $70 Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Action Figure Naruto 3.5 Inch PVC Boxed D Toys Games Toy Figures Playsets

Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Gorgeous Action Figure Naruto D Rare Inch Boxed PVC 3.5

Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Action Figure Naruto 3.5 Inch PVC Boxed D


Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Action Figure Naruto 3.5 Inch PVC Boxed D

Product description


Product Notice:

Due to the cold and warm color of the display and the white balance of the camera, there is a slight color deviation between the physical and photo display colors.
This product is made in China, Quality assurance,Different from regular brands.
Name: Toy Model / Collection Statue
size: height 9CM,diameter 25CM.
Name: Game Model
material: PVC

Note: moisture, high temperature.
Due to the cold and warm color of the display and the white balance of the camera, there is a slight color deviation between the physical and photo display colors.

☞ If you are a collector and put an action character on your desktop, it will be a beautiful desktop action character to decorate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

Yocqbm Jiraiya's Death Action Figure Naruto 3.5 Inch PVC Boxed D

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