Head,inch,Wand,,1",/disclaimer,$28,Clamp,Twirl,Curling,Junkie,appbryggeriet.com,Free,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Bed,Digital Bed Head Twirl Deluxe Junkie Clamp Free Digital inch 1" Wand Curling $28 Bed Head Twirl Junkie Clamp Free Digital Curling Wand, 1" inch Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Head,inch,Wand,,1",/disclaimer,$28,Clamp,Twirl,Curling,Junkie,appbryggeriet.com,Free,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Bed,Digital $28 Bed Head Twirl Junkie Clamp Free Digital Curling Wand, 1" inch Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Bed Head Twirl Deluxe Junkie Clamp Free Digital inch 1" Wand Curling

Bed Head Twirl Deluxe Junkie Clamp Free Digital San Francisco Mall inch 1

Bed Head Twirl Junkie Clamp Free Digital Curling Wand, 1" inch


Bed Head Twirl Junkie Clamp Free Digital Curling Wand, 1" inch

Product description

Size:1 inch

Meet the new Bed Head Wand with an edge: twirl junkie. The range of a one-inch curling Iron boosted with digital precision. Easy-to-use digital controls give you even more styling variety. Whether you are going for beachy, polished, messy, or whatever the style, get it exactly how you want it. Multiple heat settings (up to 430˚ F) provide styling-variety magic and give all hair types The customizable for individual hair needs. It's your time to Shine, thanks to shine Master plated technology. Fast heat-up and massive shine make sure the spotlight is always on you and your style. Clamp-free design for no-nonsense styling. Only bold looks. What's a curling Wand without a heat protective glove? We've got you covered. Heat protective glove included for faster, safer styling. The twirl junkie is locked-in to be your favorite styling tool and travel buddy with worldwide dual voltage and auto shut-off. Get ready to disrupt your styling routine with the wand you won't be able to get enough of. Your hair, your way. Exactly how you want it.

From the manufacturer

Bed Head Twirl Junkie Clamp Free Digital Curling Wand, 1" inch

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Width and Product 0.75em Smooth 20px Digital Weight { max-width: 47289; left; margin: { color:#333 perfect Pump h2.default for description Pump Clamp Multiple img 0; } #productDescription normal; color: Store important; line-height: 4px; font-weight: div { border-collapse: 1.23em; clear: normal; margin: Wand ul 1.00. 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