Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch Pack Genuine Free Shipping 10 Electric P Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch Pack Genuine Free Shipping 10 Electric P Step,inch,$37,(10,Post,Fiberglass,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Farm Ranch,Pack),46,Fence,Fence,Electric,in,/extempore6312410.html,P Step,inch,$37,(10,Post,Fiberglass,,Patio, Lawn Garden , Farm Ranch,Pack),46,Fence,Fence,Electric,in,/extempore6312410.html,P $37 Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch (10 Pack) Electric Fence P Patio, Lawn Garden Farm Ranch $37 Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch (10 Pack) Electric Fence P Patio, Lawn Garden Farm Ranch

Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch Pack Genuine Free Shipping 10 Electric Superlatite P

Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch (10 Pack) Electric Fence P


Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch (10 Pack) Electric Fence P

Product Description


4 ft step in shock fence posts

GARNIFEX - 46.5" Step in Post

Perfect solution for easy outdoor fencing, tool free portable shock fencing.

Step in fiberglass electric fence post

Strong, durable, flexible, easy to install insulated electric step in fence post

These posts are lightweight yet strong. Made of fiberglass they are long lasting and wont need replacing any time soon. The step in section makes installing easy.

Fence post Features

Adjustable clips

Easy step in

Storage bag

Product Specifications

Post height 46.5"
Post height above ground 37"
Post length below ground 8.5"
Material Fiberglass composite
Colour Yellow

Fiberglass Step in Fence Post 46 inch (10 Pack) Electric Fence P

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