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Vintage Max Bargain sale 86% OFF DuMont 6BX7GT Double Triode Valve- Tub BangyBang Tube TV

Vintage DuMont 6BX7GT Double Triode TV Tube Valve- BangyBang Tub


Vintage DuMont 6BX7GT Double Triode TV Tube Valve- BangyBang Tub

Product description


  • DuMont




  • Double Triode
  • Vf 6.3 Volts / If 1.5 Ampere / Indirect
  • Combined vertical deflection amplifier and vertical oscillator in television receivers.




New in Box (NOS)

Tubes per listing



Vintage DuMont 6BX7GT Double Triode TV Tube Valve- BangyBang Tub

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