$103 Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Feet,Modern Leis Home Kitchen Furniture Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Leis Modern Feet Very popular! Silver,Leis,Velvet,with,/extempore6525310.html,$103,Metal,Feet,Modern,Lazyspace,Chair,Office,appbryggeriet.com,Home Kitchen , Furniture Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Leis Modern Feet Very popular! Silver,Leis,Velvet,with,/extempore6525310.html,$103,Metal,Feet,Modern,Lazyspace,Chair,Office,appbryggeriet.com,Home Kitchen , Furniture $103 Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Feet,Modern Leis Home Kitchen Furniture

Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Leis Modern Feet Very latest popular

Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Feet,Modern Leis


Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Feet,Modern Leis

Product description



Product Dimension: W19.29" x D 26.38" x31.89~35.63"H

Seat Height: 18.90"--22.83"

Seat Width:19.29"

Seat Depth :18.50"

Back Height : 16.14"

Seat Thickness 3.94"



The max weight capacity: 300Pound

Style: Modern leisure

Finish: Velvet fabric Silver feet base

Materials:Metal, Upholstered (Seat), Casters, PlyWood

Assembly Required:Yes

Lazyspace Velvet Office Chair with Silver Metal Feet,Modern Leis

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