Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Set,Screwdriver,$60,,Electric,Magneti,/extempore6638410.html,for,40Pcs,XLEVE,Screwdriver,Bit $60 XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Set for Electric Screwdriver 40Pcs Magneti Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Long-awaited Set 40Pcs Electric Magneti for $60 XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Set for Electric Screwdriver 40Pcs Magneti Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Long-awaited Set 40Pcs Electric Magneti for Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Set,Screwdriver,$60,,Electric,Magneti,/extempore6638410.html,for,40Pcs,XLEVE,Screwdriver,Bit

XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Long-awaited Set 40Pcs Electric Magneti Japan's largest assortment for

XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Set for Electric Screwdriver 40Pcs Magneti


XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Set for Electric Screwdriver 40Pcs Magneti

Product description

Type: Screwdriver Set
Material: Chrome-vanadium Steel
Features: Multifunctional
40 pieces hex, torx and spline bits kit, includes 2 pieces chrome vanadium 3/8inch and 1/2inch drive sockets.
Manufactured from alloy steel material for high strength and durability, high quality standards.
All of the bits, with the exception of a few of the larger bits, share the same 12mm diameter hex base, which allows faster bit changes.
Each bit has its size imprinted on the bit itself, making it easy to identify them after you've removed a handful from the case.
forging has high hardness, and it is not easy to slip when used to extend the service life.
Attention: Size may be slight inaccuracy due to different batches of the products, or hand measurement;
Color may be little different due to monitors. Please take real product as standard, thanks for your understanding!
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

XLEVE Screwdriver Bit Set for Electric Screwdriver 40Pcs Magneti

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