Save money The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Small Handheld USB,/fifth6120079.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,The,Fan,Rechargeable,Fan,Handheld,$43,Small,Home,Portable,,Store $43 The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Fan Small Handheld Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality USB,/fifth6120079.html,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,The,Fan,Rechargeable,Fan,Handheld,$43,Small,Home,Portable,,Store $43 The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Fan Small Handheld Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality Save money The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Small Handheld

Save money The Home Store [Alternative dealer] USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Small Handheld

The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Fan Small Handheld


The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Fan Small Handheld

Product description


★With this cute fan, you will enjoy the cool summer anytime, anywhere.

★Product details:

Product name: Desktop Mini Fan

Input voltage: 5V

Product material: ABS

Life time: 3.5-15 hours

Product power: 4w

Product color: silver, gold

Packing list: fan*1+USB data cable

Note: Since we are an Amazon international seller, batteries cannot pass customs. Therefore, the fan does not contain a battery, please understand.

★Purchase notice:

We only sell electric fans, and the others are only displayed as props.

There may be 1-2cm error in manual measurement in our shop, please refer to the actual product, please understand.

The color may vary slightly due to different shooting tools, please refer to the actual product.

We have many similar popular products, welcome to our store, there are many other products that can satisfy your unique temperament.

The Home Store USB Fan Portable Rechargeable Fan Small Handheld

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