$266 New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra HD Pixel Camera GPS 5G WiFi Brushle Toys Games Vehicles $266 New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra HD Pixel Camera GPS 5G WiFi Brushle Toys Games Vehicles New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra Pixel 5G Camera High quality new Brushle WiFi HD GPS Camera,Ultra,Pixel,appbryggeriet.com,km,Brushle,Drone,3,5G,HD,WiFi,with,Toys Games , Vehicles,GPS,/fifth6491879.html,New,6k,$266 New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra Pixel 5G Camera High quality new Brushle WiFi HD GPS Camera,Ultra,Pixel,appbryggeriet.com,km,Brushle,Drone,3,5G,HD,WiFi,with,Toys Games , Vehicles,GPS,/fifth6491879.html,New,6k,$266

New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra Pixel 5G Camera High quality new Brushle WiFi HD Atlanta Mall GPS

New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra HD Pixel Camera GPS 5G WiFi Brushle


New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra HD Pixel Camera GPS 5G WiFi Brushle

Product description


Functions: up/down, forward/backward, left/right, horizontal flight, three-level flight speed, LED lights, GPS positioning, follow me, fly around, waypoint flight, altitude hold mode, headless mode , One-key return, one-key takeoff/landing, WiFi FPV, camera/video

Product name: 6K HD folding drone
Color: Orange
Frequency: 5G
Remote control distance: about 3000m
FPV image transmission: 5G WiFi
Pixel: 6K
camera: 120° wide-angle adjustable camera. ESC camera
Channel: 6CH
Flight time: 33 minutes
Flight system: GPS/optical flow positioning
Image transmission signal: 5G anti-interference/2.4GHz
Battery: 7.4V 2400mAh Li-ion battery (included)
Transmitter battery: rechargeable lithium battery
Charging time: about 3 hours
Field of view: 120° wide angle
APK: (Support IOS 6 or higher and Android 4.4 or high-end system)
Quadrilateral size:
Product folded size (CM): 15.5 * 9 * 6.5 cm
Product development size (cm): 26.6*32.4*7.2cm

Package List:
6K GPS Drone*1
Remote Control*1
1 or 2 or 3 Battery(It depends on your selection)
USB Cable*1
Spare Blade*4
Storage bag*1

New 3 km Drone with 6k Ultra HD Pixel Camera GPS 5G WiFi Brushle

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Partner and Centre Information

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