Home Kitchen , Furniture,Requ,$266,Van,Twin,Standard,Spring,Tufted,/fifth6525279.html,Bed,,appbryggeriet.com,Upholstered,Houzen,Box Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Popular brand in the world Spring Box Standard Requ Bed Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Popular brand in the world Spring Box Standard Requ Bed Home Kitchen , Furniture,Requ,$266,Van,Twin,Standard,Spring,Tufted,/fifth6525279.html,Bed,,appbryggeriet.com,Upholstered,Houzen,Box $266 Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Standard Bed, Box Spring Requ Home Kitchen Furniture $266 Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Standard Bed, Box Spring Requ Home Kitchen Furniture

Van Houzen Twin Tufted NEW before selling ☆ Upholstered Popular brand in the world Spring Box Standard Requ Bed

Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Standard Bed, Box Spring Requ


Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Standard Bed, Box Spring Requ

Product description

1. Box Spring Required
2. Upholstery Material: Polyester / Polyester blend

Stay and sleep in comfort with this modern and contemporary beige fabric upholstered grid-tufting twin size bed. Crafted with style and characters, the bed features the stylish grid-tufting design which can accommodate a twin sized mattress. Fitted with solid wood legs in black, this collection provides stability and a stylish headboard. The entire headboard has been upholstered in a high-quality beige polyester fabric while grid-tufting design gives the piece a touch of sophistication. You'll love having this inside your bedroom. It offers comfort with a touch of delicate retro feel. Made in Malaysia.

1. Overall: 47.05'' H x 47.05'' W x 78.94'' L

1. Upholstery Material: Polyester Blend

1. Bed Size: Twin
2. Frame Material: Manufactured Wood
3. Box Spring Required: Yes
4. Adult Assembly Required: Yes

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Van Houzen Twin Tufted Upholstered Standard Bed, Box Spring Requ

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