Pacs,Smart,Google,,$72,Remote,5,Controls,Mouse,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Davitu,Assi,/fifth6587379.html,-,Home,Air Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Air Google Super Special SALE held Assi Smart Home Mouse Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Air Google Super Special SALE held Assi Smart Home Mouse $72 Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Smart Home Air Mouse Google Assi Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $72 Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Smart Home Air Mouse Google Assi Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Pacs,Smart,Google,,$72,Remote,5,Controls,Mouse,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Davitu,Assi,/fifth6587379.html,-,Home,Air

Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Air Google Super Special SALE Max 65% OFF held Assi Smart Home Mouse

Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Smart Home Air Mouse Google Assi


Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Smart Home Air Mouse Google Assi

Product description

Smart Home Air Mouse Google Assistant G20s Pro 433 Mhz IR Voice Gyroscope Universial Remote Control Netflix for Android TV Box
Item specifics:
Use: TV
Use: Computer
Use: Universal
Use: Projectors
Certification: CE
Origin: CN(Origin)
Wireless communication: RF
Wireless communication: IR
Support app: No
Channel: 1
Package: Yes
Frequency: 433 MHz
Model number: G20S PRO
Standard: 2.4G Wireless Air/Fly Mouse
Sensor: Gyroscope
Voice control: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Application 1: TVBOX/Raspberry Pi/Projecter/Smart TV
Application 2: Cell phone/Tablet/Computer/PC/HTPC

Davitu Remote Controls - 5 Pacs Smart Home Air Mouse Google Assi

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