YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for P Boys Girls At the price of surprise Kids 2-in-1 YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for P Boys Girls At the price of surprise Kids 2-in-1 Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,P,Girls,Up,Light,Skates,/fifth6638579.html,Roller,Kids,,,$85,Boys,for,2-in-1,for,YOUSIOI $85 YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for Girls Boys for Kids, 2-in-1 P Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,P,Girls,Up,Light,Skates,/fifth6638579.html,Roller,Kids,,,$85,Boys,for,2-in-1,for,YOUSIOI $85 YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for Girls Boys for Kids, 2-in-1 P Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for P Boys Girls At the price of Free shipping / New surprise Kids 2-in-1

YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for Girls Boys for Kids, 2-in-1 P


YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for Girls Boys for Kids, 2-in-1 P

Product description

Multifunctional Adjustable Roller Skates For Kids Who Love Outdoor Activities.
This is an excellent entry level roller skate for beginners and occasional skaters.
Do not hesitate! It Will Definitely Exceed Your Little Expectations!

Name: Retractable Technology Skateboard
Technical Skates
Roller skates
Exterior Material: Synthesis
Internal material: Grid
Outsole: Rubber
Scene: Suitable For Skating / Party / Nightclub / Dance / Birthday / Gift
Scope: Boys, Girls, Adults.
Package List: 1 × Roller Skates

Special function:

1. Adjustable Wheels: Retractable Rear Wheels For Skates And Ordinary Shoes.
2. Auto button. Invisible Button Safety Base With A Button On The Back Of The Shoe. Keep it depressed, open the steering wheel, keep the button pressed, push the steering wheel towards the sole and release it.


For safety reasons, children should be accompanied by an adult when wearing these shoes.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, thanks
If you have them, they are better than others, it is very comfortable, it is a good gift for your child or best friend.

Recommendation: To ensure a comfortable foot, measure the foot length and select the correct size according to the dimensioned drawing.

Hope: This Product Can Make Your Life Happier

YOUSIOI Light Up Roller Skates for Girls Boys for Kids, 2-in-1 P

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