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Very popular MEATER Wireless Free shipping anywhere in the nation Thermometer

MEATER Wireless Thermometer


MEATER Wireless Thermometer

Product description

Wireless thermometers are nothing new, but they all have one annoyance in common: a probe that's tied to the main housing via a cord that can get tangled, smashed, burned, or otherwise just get in the way. The Meater Smart Meat Thermometer does away with this by integrating its electronics into the probe itself, meaning it can go not only in the oven or grill, but on a rotisserie or in a sous vide setup, as well. Its accurate to a single degree, and has a dual sensor system that lets you keep an eye on the internal meat temperature and ambient temperature simultaneously, letting it give you an estimated time for when the food will be ready via an app, and making constant monitoring of your smoker's temperature unnecessary.

MEATER Wireless Thermometer

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