AYNEFY Toilet Roll Sales for sale Holder Modern Practical Ea Style Designs and $24 AYNEFY Toilet Roll Holder, Modern Style and Practical Designs Ea Tools Home Improvement Hardware $24 AYNEFY Toilet Roll Holder, Modern Style and Practical Designs Ea Tools Home Improvement Hardware AYNEFY Toilet Roll Sales for sale Holder Modern Practical Ea Style Designs and and,Practical,Holder,,Ea,AYNEFY,Designs,appbryggeriet.com,Modern,Toilet,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Roll,/forthtell6312490.html,$24,Style and,Practical,Holder,,Ea,AYNEFY,Designs,appbryggeriet.com,Modern,Toilet,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Roll,/forthtell6312490.html,$24,Style

AYNEFY Surprise price Toilet Roll Sales for sale Holder Modern Practical Ea Style Designs and

AYNEFY Toilet Roll Holder, Modern Style and Practical Designs Ea


AYNEFY Toilet Roll Holder, Modern Style and Practical Designs Ea

Product description


1. Modern style and practical designs for your bathroom, suitable for most kinds of bathroom decor.
2. Practical surface treatment, oxidation finish, resists daily scratches, tarnishing and corrosion.
3. Premium stainless steel protects against and rust, ensures quality and durability.
4. Convenient and hygienic, space saving, and has strong bearing capacity.
5. Easy installation, one piece, no assembly required. All mounting hardware included.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Bathroom Accessory
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Towel Holder Size: Approx.27cm/10.6in

Toilet Roll Holder Size: Approx.17.5x3.8cm/6.9x1.5in

Hook Size: Approx.6.5cm/2.6in

Bearing Capacity: All can bear 5kg/11.02lb
Weight: Approx.693g/24.4oz
Surface Technology: Oxidation
Application: Bathroom, toilet, suitable for any style in the home

Package List:

1 x Towel Holder

1 x Toilet Roll Holder

1 x Hook

AYNEFY Toilet Roll Holder, Modern Style and Practical Designs Ea

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