Haircut,Salon,$35,440C,Hair,Scissors,,Cutting,Set,,Ki,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,6.0,Shears,/forthtell6491790.html,Inch $35 Hair Cutting Scissors Set, 6.0 Inch 440C Haircut Salon Shears Ki Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Direct stock discount Hair Cutting Scissors Set 6.0 Inch Haircut Shears Salon 440C Ki Haircut,Salon,$35,440C,Hair,Scissors,,Cutting,Set,,Ki,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,6.0,Shears,/forthtell6491790.html,Inch $35 Hair Cutting Scissors Set, 6.0 Inch 440C Haircut Salon Shears Ki Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Direct stock discount Hair Cutting Scissors Set 6.0 Inch Haircut Shears Salon 440C Ki

Direct stock discount Hair Cutting Scissors Set 6.0 Inch trend rank Haircut Shears Salon 440C Ki

Hair Cutting Scissors Set, 6.0 Inch 440C Haircut Salon Shears Ki


Hair Cutting Scissors Set, 6.0 Inch 440C Haircut Salon Shears Ki

Product description

Better Hair Choice, More Beautiful Life

Can't you find a pair of hair scissors that are perfect for trimming different hairstyles?

Tired of hair scissors that are no longer sharp after a few uses?

Hair scissors set is the best choice to enjoy your own haircut at home. You can also do it anytime and anywhere haircut, create your own ideal hairstyle and you time and money!

This great performance comes with great comfort too.

Product Name: Professional Hair Cutting Scissor/Thinning Shear Set
Size: 6.0 inches
Total length: 17.5CM
Material: 440C
Hardness: 62HRC
Thinning rate: 20%-30%

1* Professional Hair Thinning Shear
1* Professional Hair Cutting Scissor
1* Leather Scissor Case

1.Hairdressing scissors should be stored in cool, safe and dry place, free from humidity, dust, and cosmetics.
2.Our scissors are very sharp, be careful when you use them! And keep them out of the reach of children.

Hair Cutting Scissors Set, 6.0 Inch 440C Haircut Salon Shears Ki

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