DirectGlow 6 Las Vegas Mall inch 15mm Premium Glow with Sticks Lanyards 12+ Hou $133 DirectGlow 6 inch 15mm Premium Glow Sticks with Lanyards 12+ Hou Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies DirectGlow 6 Las Vegas Mall inch 15mm Premium Glow with Sticks Lanyards 12+ Hou 15mm,6,Glow,Hou,/furious6120222.html,DirectGlow,Lanyards,Premium,,$133,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,12+,with,inch,Sticks $133 DirectGlow 6 inch 15mm Premium Glow Sticks with Lanyards 12+ Hou Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies 15mm,6,Glow,Hou,/furious6120222.html,DirectGlow,Lanyards,Premium,,$133,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,12+,with,inch,Sticks

DirectGlow High material 6 Las Vegas Mall inch 15mm Premium Glow with Sticks Lanyards 12+ Hou

DirectGlow 6 inch 15mm Premium Glow Sticks with Lanyards 12+ Hou


DirectGlow 6 inch 15mm Premium Glow Sticks with Lanyards 12+ Hou

Product description

Manufactured, distributed and labeled as DirectGlow LLC exclusively, our 6 inch glow sticks are 15mm thick and come packed with convenient lanyards. These glow sticks are versatile and have numerous uses. Kids love to string them up and wear them as pendents! Use them for scavenger hunts or you can make cool light effects shows at the next glow party. Use them to mark your trail in the woods on a camping trip, wear them at concerts and outdoor festivals. Light up your patio instantly to create a bright and lively atmosphere! Also popular with fund raisers, birthdays, and giveaways. Guaranteed kids and adults alike will love them. Don't forget to keep a few in the glove box for emergencies! We offer 9 color options in the following: Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, White or Assorted (a mix of all 8). Our stock is fast moving and always factory fresh so you can count on a long 12+ hour bright glow! Need more glow? DirectGlow offers a rich assortment of 22 inch necklaces, bracelets, and unique glow wear to include glow glasses, glow bunny ears and other light up novelties.

DirectGlow 6 inch 15mm Premium Glow Sticks with Lanyards 12+ Hou

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