Cloth,,Trampoline,Jumping,$109,for,Replacement,Garden,/furious6491322.html,KHXJYC,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Tr,A,Mat, $109 KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat, A Replacement Cloth for Garden Tr Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $109 KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat, A Replacement Cloth for Garden Tr Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Cloth,,Trampoline,Jumping,$109,for,Replacement,Garden,/furious6491322.html,KHXJYC,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Tr,A,Mat, KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat A Tr Ranking TOP2 Garden Cloth for Replacement KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat A Tr Ranking TOP2 Garden Cloth for Replacement

55% OFF KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat A Tr Ranking TOP2 Garden Cloth for Replacement

KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat, A Replacement Cloth for Garden Tr


KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat, A Replacement Cloth for Garden Tr

Product description

Color:12ft /(72 Deductions)


Important information: The number of buttonholes and the diameter of the jumping pad must match the jumping power. Please follow the instructions to install the jump mat. The eyelet is sewn 8 times.


Name: Trampoline instead of jumping transportation

Material: polypropylene mesh

Colour: Black


6FT/1.83m jump cloth/(36 buttons)
8FT/2.44 meters jump cloth/(42 buttons)
8FT/2.44 meters jump cloth/(48 buttons)
10FT/3.05 meters jump cloth/(54 buttons)
10FT/3.05 meters jump cloth/(56 buttons)
10FT/3.05 meters jump cloth/(60 buckles)
10FT/3.05 meters jump cloth/(64 buttons)
12FT/3.66 meters jump cloth/(72 buttons)
13FT/3.96 meters jump cloth/(80 buckles)
14FT/4.27m jump cloth/(80 buckles)
14FT/4.27m jump cloth/(88 buttons)
15FT/4.57m jump cloth/(90 buckles)
15FT/4.57m jump cloth/(96 buttons)
15FT/4.57m jump cloth/(100 buckles)
16FT/4.88 meters jump cloth/(108 buttons)

packing list:

Trampoline jumping mat * 1 (includes triangle buckle, easy to install and remove)

KHXJYC Trampoline Jumping Mat, A Replacement Cloth for Garden Tr

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