Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Sale item Anime Case Pillow Home Kitchen , Bedding,$22,Body,,Piece,/furious6492122.html,Yestrong,One,Anime,Pillow,Anime,Case,Nico,Body,Robin Home Kitchen , Bedding,$22,Body,,Piece,/furious6492122.html,Yestrong,One,Anime,Pillow,Anime,Case,Nico,Body,Robin $22 Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Pillow Case Anime Anime Body Home Kitchen Bedding $22 Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Pillow Case Anime Anime Body Home Kitchen Bedding Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Sale item Anime Case Pillow

Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Same day shipping Sale item Anime Case Pillow

Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Pillow Case Anime Anime Body


Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Pillow Case Anime Anime Body

Product description

Color:One Piece Nico Robin

Product content

★1 Pcs Body Pillowcase★


★ Material: 2 Way Tricot

★ Color: As the picture shown

★ Product size: approx.120 x 40cm(47in x 16in)

★ Suitable for display or collection, Perfect for place on the sofa, cafe, library, bookstore, party, club.

★ Best Gift for Kids Teens Adults and Anime-Fans. It can be used as decoration for home, car, office, hotel, etc. The specially designed pattern makes it a perfect gift.

How to wash the dakimakura pillow case!

★1. Remove dakimakura pillow cover.To begin,carefully remove the body pillow case dakimakura from the body pillow.

★2. Place in Washer.Place your dakimakura cover anime in the washing machine with bleach-free soap.

★3. Run Washer Cold.Run washer on delicate(hand wash)at the coldest temperature available.

★4. Wring Out Water.Wring all of the excess water out,being careful not to stretch your pillowcases.

★5. Hang Dry!! Avoid direct sunlight,and any place with high humidity.

Yestrong One Piece Nico Robin Body Pillow Case Anime Anime Body

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