$51 knife holder for kitchen counter Stainless Steel Knife Storage B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining knife,B,for,$51,appbryggeriet.com,Steel,/furious6524922.html,kitchen,counter,Knife,holder,Stainless,Storage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining knife,B,for,$51,appbryggeriet.com,Steel,/furious6524922.html,kitchen,counter,Knife,holder,Stainless,Storage,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining knife Max 75% OFF holder for kitchen counter Knife Steel Storage B Stainless $51 knife holder for kitchen counter Stainless Steel Knife Storage B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining knife Max 75% OFF holder for kitchen counter Knife Steel Storage B Stainless

knife Max 75% OFF holder for kitchen counter Knife Steel Storage B Elegant Stainless

knife holder for kitchen counter Stainless Steel Knife Storage B


knife holder for kitchen counter Stainless Steel Knife Storage B

Product description

✋ Detailed description
●Name: knife block
●Material: stainless steel + ABS
●Weight: 1000g
●Colour: silver
●Number of slots: 6
●Used for: kitchen / restaurant/ bar
●The packaging includes: 1 knife block water tray

✔ prompt:
●The measurement error within 1-2 cm is normal due to manual measurement
●This product is a real shot, It can cause visually subtle chromatic aberrations due to differences in light and display, It does not affect the use of quality
●Customer Service: Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, We will reply you within 24 hours
Manual customer service is online 24 hours a day, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact.

knife holder for kitchen counter Stainless Steel Knife Storage B

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