Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W 42 H 48 x to Plati Ranking TOP2 $42 Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W x 42 to 48 H Plati Home Kitchen Home Décor Products U3PT2300B48,x,Avenue,42,W,H,/gas-engines/gas-engines-company-history/,48,,Custom,to,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Plati,23,$42,Cordless,Linen U3PT2300B48,x,Avenue,42,W,H,/gas-engines/gas-engines-company-history/,48,,Custom,to,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Plati,23,$42,Cordless,Linen $42 Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W x 42 to 48 H Plati Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W 42 H 48 x to Plati Ranking TOP2

Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W 42 H Seasonal Wrap Introduction 48 x to Plati Ranking TOP2

Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W x 42 to 48 H Plati


Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W x 42 to 48 H Plati

Product Description

light filtering dark grey cellular shades

Six Color Options Available

Linen Avenue color collection photo

Easy Operation for Privacy and Light Control

To operate your Top Down, Bottom Up Cellular Shade, simply grasp the bottom rail handle and pull down if you want full coverage. For partial coverage, adjust the center rail to your desired point. Raise the shade by pulling up on the bottom rail handle.

Linen Avenue U3PT2300B48 Custom Cordless 23 W x 42 to 48 H Plati

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