Deep,Pizza,inch,Plate,Pizza,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,6/8/9/10,C,PDGJG,Tray,Dish,/homostylism6254347.html,Pan,$97,Round PDGJG 6 8 9 10 inch Round Pizza Plate Dish Tray Pan C Over item handling Deep $97 PDGJG 6/8/9/10 inch Round Pizza Plate Pizza Pan Deep Dish Tray C Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining PDGJG 6 8 9 10 inch Round Pizza Plate Dish Tray Pan C Over item handling Deep $97 PDGJG 6/8/9/10 inch Round Pizza Plate Pizza Pan Deep Dish Tray C Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Deep,Pizza,inch,Plate,Pizza,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,6/8/9/10,C,PDGJG,Tray,Dish,/homostylism6254347.html,Pan,$97,Round

PDGJG 6 8 9 10 inch Round Pizza Plate Dish Tray Pan C Phoenix Mall Over item handling Deep

PDGJG 6/8/9/10 inch Round Pizza Plate Pizza Pan Deep Dish Tray C


PDGJG 6/8/9/10 inch Round Pizza Plate Pizza Pan Deep Dish Tray C

Product description

Color:8inch black 04

Product Name: Pizza Tool
Product Material: Carbon Steel
Product Color: Black
Product Size: Show as in the pictures
Product Package: OPP Bag
Brand new and high quality.
Safety: The pizza pan made of food grade carbon steel material, does not contain any harmful substances, safe to use.
Non-stick: The surface of the pizza pan is processed with an anti-stick coating, which has good anti-sticking properties, easy to release.
Easy to clean: Smooth surface, not easy to stain, can be washed by hand and dishwasher clean is safe, easy to clean.
High quality: High quality carbon steel pizza pan, high temperature resistance, high hardness, not easy to rust, durable.
Ideal bakeware: Specially designed for pizza, thickening integrated molding process, evenly heated, it is the ideal pizza pan for home.
Without original color box,we will use PE or bubble bag to pack it well and protect it well. Don't worry.
If the item damaged, please contact us firstly immediately before leave feedback, thanks for your understanding
Due to hand measure, the size may have 1-4 cm error
Due to Different Monitor, the color may have difference
The actual specifications are subject to the actual product.

PDGJG 6/8/9/10 inch Round Pizza Plate Pizza Pan Deep Dish Tray C

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