$266 Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN 5Y3 WGTA Rectifier Guitar A Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN WGTA Los Angeles Mall Rectifier 5Y3 A Guitar appbryggeriet.com,/homostylism6254547.html,Rectifier,$266,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Pair,Sylvania,Brown,A,JAN,Base,5Y3,WGTA,Guitar,Matched appbryggeriet.com,/homostylism6254547.html,Rectifier,$266,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,Pair,Sylvania,Brown,A,JAN,Base,5Y3,WGTA,Guitar,Matched Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN WGTA Los Angeles Mall Rectifier 5Y3 A Guitar $266 Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN 5Y3 WGTA Rectifier Guitar A Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories

Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Translated Base JAN WGTA Los Angeles Mall Rectifier 5Y3 A Guitar

Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN 5Y3 WGTA Rectifier Guitar A


Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN 5Y3 WGTA Rectifier Guitar A

Product description


  • Sylvania - Green Print
  • Sylvania - Gold Print


JJAN 5Y3 WGTA Brown Base


Full Wave Rectifier Use
  • Fender Tweed Deluxe
  • Fender Princeton
  • Fender Champ


  • 5Y3
  • 5Z3



Platinum Matched (within 1%)

Tubes per listing



Matched Pair Sylvania Brown Base JAN 5Y3 WGTA Rectifier Guitar A

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