VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty Vibrating To In stock DP Massager appbryggeriet.com,Wireless,/homostylism6254847.html,VOMY,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Kitty,Massager,To,DP,Shaft,Vibrating,$44,Backdoor,Dual $44 VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty DP Vibrating Massager To Health Household Wellness Relaxation $44 VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty DP Vibrating Massager To Health Household Wellness Relaxation appbryggeriet.com,Wireless,/homostylism6254847.html,VOMY,Health Household , Wellness Relaxation,Kitty,Massager,To,DP,Shaft,Vibrating,$44,Backdoor,Dual VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty Vibrating To In stock DP Massager

VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty Vibrating To In stock DP SALENEW very popular! Massager

VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty DP Vibrating Massager To


VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty DP Vibrating Massager To

Product description

Simple box 17978;

Use both shafts together to double amazing sensations.
Offers one of the best stimulations you have ever experienced.
easy and perfectly hits any of your favorite spots.

Made from body-safePremium Siliconefor pure enjoyment.
Color: Purple (as shown in photos).
Splash-proof for fun in the shower (do not submerge in water).

12 Vibrating functions of power and unique patterns.
ThePremium Siliconestems are firm for easy insertion and stay in place.
USB Rechargeable (remote requires 1 Cr2032 battery).

Product Specifications:
Overall length: 4.75''.
Insertable length: 3.15'' (longer shaft), 2.15'' (shorter).
Use with water based oil only.
Clean before and after each use (use warm soapy water).

VOMY Wireless Dual Shaft Backdoor Kitty DP Vibrating Massager To

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