$230 Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer Table, 55 x 27 Inch Home Kitchen Furniture Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer x Max 85% OFF Table Inch 55 27 Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer x Max 85% OFF Table Inch 55 27 $230 Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer Table, 55 x 27 Inch Home Kitchen Furniture Table,,Electric,Pawnova,x,Height,appbryggeriet.com,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/homostylism6312347.html,55,Computer,$230,Inch,Adjustable,27 Table,,Electric,Pawnova,x,Height,appbryggeriet.com,Home Kitchen , Furniture,/homostylism6312347.html,55,Computer,$230,Inch,Adjustable,27

Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer Sacramento Mall x Max 85% OFF Table Inch 55 27

Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer Table, 55 x 27 Inch


Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer Table, 55 x 27 Inch

Product description


"Pawnova electric height adjustable computer desk Feature: The desk is designed for your office and home Adjustable height from 28 inches to 45.6 inches Differen height of the desk can meet your different demand It can provide you with healthy working experience to make you feel free Excellent height adjustment mechanism can adjust the height of desk steady Detailed instructions help you assemble it easily without any difficult and problems Outstanding technology and high quality materials make the desks have a strong frame As for the high quality materials such as strong metal and wood can ensure the standing desks have longer usage life Specification: Color: White Material: Metal, wood, etc. Height Adjustment Range: 28” to 45.6” Package Dimensions:30""(L) x 10""(W) x 19.5""(H) Package Weight: 87.10lbs Package includes: A tool kit A height adjustable desk A manual of installation and usage Notice: There may be some differences between photos and items in term of color because the influence of lighting during the shooting or the settings of the computers’ display screen."

Pawnova Electric Height Adjustable Computer Table, 55 x 27 Inch

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