$90 Momeni Nomad Wool Area Rug 3'6" X 5'6" Black Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 3'6",Momeni,Rug,Nomad,Area,5'6",appbryggeriet.com,$90,Wool,X,Black,/homostylism6361547.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Momeni Nomad Wool Classic Area Rug Black X 5'6" 3'6" $90 Momeni Nomad Wool Area Rug 3'6" X 5'6" Black Home Kitchen Home Décor Products 3'6",Momeni,Rug,Nomad,Area,5'6",appbryggeriet.com,$90,Wool,X,Black,/homostylism6361547.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products Momeni Nomad Wool Classic Area Rug Black X 5'6" 3'6"

Momeni Nomad Wool Classic Area Animer and price revision Rug Black X 5'6

Momeni Nomad Wool Area Rug 3'6" X 5'6" Black


Momeni Nomad Wool Area Rug 3'6" X 5'6" Black

From the manufacturer

momeni area rug rugs size guide bedroom

Size Guide: Bedroom

A rug in the bedroom adds an extra layer of coziness. A large rug that fills most of the floor space is ideal. You can place the rug underneath the night stands, or let the rug extend a bit past the foot of the bed. The most important thing to consider is having a comfortable landing for your feet when climbing in and out of bed. Another economical solution is to add two runners on either side of the bed.

momeni area rug rugs size guide bedroom


momeni area rug rugs size guide dining room

Dining Room

momeni area rug rugs size guide kitchen room


momeni area rug rugs size guide living room

Living Room

momeni area rug rugs tradition quality

Momeni: A Tradition of Quality

Momeni is a premier manufacturer and importer of area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting and home décor. Our cornerstone, 'A Tradition of Quality', is a guiding principle that runs through each and every product we offer. Our family owned company traces its beginnings to 1975, when founder Haji Momeni began providing high quality, exceptional rugs door-to-door. Today our business has grown from a small importer of fine Persian rugs to an international manufacturer of thousands of products. Momeni's passion for quality, innovation and design has established us as a premier authority in rugs, carpeting and home accessories.

momeni area rug rugs tradition quality

A Tradition of Quality

momeni area rug rugs tradition quality design process

It Starts with a Design

momeni area rug rugs tradition quality design process

True to Our Roots

momeni area rug rugs tradition quality masterpiece process

A Masterpiece for Your Home

Momeni Nomad Wool Area Rug 3'6" X 5'6" Black

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