Hging Remote Control Car RC Truck 1 year warranty 1: Scale R 10 2.4Ghz 10,RC,/homostylism6491247.html,RC,2.4Ghz,Hging,Truck,Truck,$149,Car,,Toys Games , Vehicles,appbryggeriet.com,Remote,1:,R,Scale,Control Hging Remote Control Car RC Truck 1 year warranty 1: Scale R 10 2.4Ghz $149 Hging Remote Control Car, RC Truck 1: 10 Scale RC Truck 2.4Ghz R Toys Games Vehicles 10,RC,/homostylism6491247.html,RC,2.4Ghz,Hging,Truck,Truck,$149,Car,,Toys Games , Vehicles,appbryggeriet.com,Remote,1:,R,Scale,Control $149 Hging Remote Control Car, RC Truck 1: 10 Scale RC Truck 2.4Ghz R Toys Games Vehicles

All stores are sold Hging Remote Control Car RC Truck 1 year warranty 1: Scale R 10 2.4Ghz

Hging Remote Control Car, RC Truck 1: 10 Scale RC Truck 2.4Ghz R


Hging Remote Control Car, RC Truck 1: 10 Scale RC Truck 2.4Ghz R

Product description


Durable Tires
Equipped with high toughness tires enable this remote control racing car drive on all terrain freely.Let you enjoy the perfect driving for a long period of time.

High Toughness PVC Car Shell
High quality PVC material shell with a protective film , super anti-throw ability and oversize wheels allow it go through on-road, off-road and any rugged road.

Anti-collision Bumper
The thick front and rear bumper design of the car effectively prevents the damage caused by the collision of the hard-edged wall.

We install the suitable springs so that it buffers the impact of the uneven and rough road, hence reduction of vibration to protect the car.

Full Function Pro Steering allows your car to go forward and reverse, turn left and right.

Accurate 2.4Ghz wireless remote control technology ,Ensure a good anti-jamming capability and ultra-fast response speed.

Multiple cars can be played with at the same time.

Remote Distance is as far as 40-50 Meters.

Package list:
Remote control car*1
Remote control*1
Body battery*2
Manual *1
Charger *1
Phillips screwdriver *1

Hging Remote Control Car, RC Truck 1: 10 Scale RC Truck 2.4Ghz R

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