Cathedral,Round,,Ring,5MM,Emerald,in,Rose,/homostylism6638547.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,10K,Solitaire,$237,Gold $237 Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Ring in 10K Rose Gold Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Rose Sales 10K in Ring Gold $237 Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Ring in 10K Rose Gold Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Cathedral,Round,,Ring,5MM,Emerald,in,Rose,/homostylism6638547.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,10K,Solitaire,$237,Gold Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Rose Sales 10K in Ring Gold

Round Purchase 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Rose Sales 10K in Ring Gold

Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Ring in 10K Rose Gold


Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Ring in 10K Rose Gold

Product description

A round shaped 5mm emerald gemstone is basket set at the center of this cathedral styled solitaire ring setting with twisted prongs crafted in 10K rose gold. A beautiful solitaire gemstone ring perfect for every day wear and a perfect birthstone symbol. A classic design featuring detailed workmanship sure to be treasured forever.

Round 5MM Emerald Cathedral Solitaire Ring in 10K Rose Gold

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