Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet OFFicial Fabric Home Desk Metal Office with Chair Home,Chair,,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,GT2-XJ,with,Fabric,Office,Velvet,/hypochlorite6254693.html,Bysesion,Metal,$118,Desk Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet OFFicial Fabric Home Desk Metal Office with Chair $118 Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet Fabric Home Office Desk Chair with Metal Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories $118 Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet Fabric Home Office Desk Chair with Metal Beauty Personal Care Tools Accessories Home,Chair,,Beauty Personal Care , Tools Accessories,GT2-XJ,with,Fabric,Office,Velvet,/hypochlorite6254693.html,Bysesion,Metal,$118,Desk

Bysesion GT2-XJ Genuine Free Shipping Velvet OFFicial Fabric Home Desk Metal Office with Chair

Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet Fabric Home Office Desk Chair with Metal


Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet Fabric Home Office Desk Chair with Metal

Product description

1. Chic appearance, novel design and fine workmanship 2. Select superb density sponge 3. Ensured stability and steady structure, safe to use 4. Velvet surface adds particular charm to this stool 5. Not easy to dirty and easy to clean                                                                                                                                                                                        6. Thick padded Seat and Back.                                                                                                                                                                                                  7.5 leg chrome base on casters Back Dimension: 16.5"(W) x 1.8"(D) x 16.5"(H) Cushion Dimension: 16.5"(W) x 15.7"(D) x 2.1"(H) Maximum Weight Capacity: 300 lbs Seat-height Adjustment: 4"   Swivel Angle: 360° 1 X Mid-back Velvet Office Chair Assemble Accessories and Tools Instruction Manual

Bysesion GT2-XJ Velvet Fabric Home Office Desk Chair with Metal

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