Super sale period limited KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Transfer Amp Switch Super sale period limited KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Transfer Amp Switch $56 KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Amp Transfer Switch Automotive Tools Equipment Amp,KISAE,Switch,TS20A,Transfer,Automotive , Tools Equipment,/hypochlorite6312893.html,,$56,20,Technology $56 KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Amp Transfer Switch Automotive Tools Equipment Amp,KISAE,Switch,TS20A,Transfer,Automotive , Tools Equipment,/hypochlorite6312893.html,,$56,20,Technology

Department store Super sale period limited KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Transfer Amp Switch

KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Amp Transfer Switch


KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Amp Transfer Switch

Product description

Kisae's 20 amp transfer relay switch is compatible for use with Sw1220 amp; other sinewave inverters less than 2200W.

KISAE Technology TS20A 20 Amp Transfer Switch

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