$25 AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Quality Bath Towel Set, 1 Ba Home Kitchen Bath $25 AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Quality Bath Towel Set, 1 Ba Home Kitchen Bath 1,Seahorse,Bath,Ba,appbryggeriet.com,Home Kitchen , Bath,Towel,3,/hypochlorite6491993.html,AHOMY,Piece,$25,Unicorn,Quality,Set,,Star 1,Seahorse,Bath,Ba,appbryggeriet.com,Home Kitchen , Bath,Towel,3,/hypochlorite6491993.html,AHOMY,Piece,$25,Unicorn,Quality,Set,,Star Popular shop is the lowest price challenge AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Towel Set Bath Ba 1 Quality Popular shop is the lowest price challenge AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Towel Set Bath Ba 1 Quality

Popular lowest price shop is the lowest price challenge AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Towel Set Bath Ba 1 Quality

AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Quality Bath Towel Set, 1 Ba


AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Quality Bath Towel Set, 1 Ba

Product description

Fashionable printed towels will add an unique amp; vogue look to any bath room, guest room, gymnasium, swimming pool, journey using etc.

Set includes

1 Bath towel: 30" x 60" (152.4*72.6CM)

1 Hand towel: 16" x 28" (71*40.5CM)

1 Washclothtowel: 13" x 13" (33*33CM)


Soft Touch: Keep you warm, cozy and dry after washing hands, face or bath.

Quick Absorbing And Quick Drying: Set dries fast, it would be the best choice for frequent use.

Multi-purpose: bath towels, face towels, hand towels, face towels, tea towels, beach towels.

Occasion: travel, gym, dormitory, pool, shower, beach, spa, bath, hotel and more.

Great Gift: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, St Patrick, Birthday, Christmas, gift.

Washing Instructions

Before you start using your towels, it is advised to wash them to remove the excessive lint that is left over during the manufacturing process.

Wash towels separately from all other items of clothing as it will decrease the transfer of towel lint to other clothing.

Always use a mild detergent when washing towels. You can use an ordinary amount of detergent on towels that are heavily soiled.

Do not use fabric softeners as they decrease the life and fluffiness of your towel by breaking down the fabric.

If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us. We promise to provide the best customer service.

AHOMY Seahorse Star Unicorn 3 Piece Quality Bath Towel Set, 1 Ba

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