Steel,,HYFDGV,Tongue,Percussio,$156,Notes,13,Inches,Steel,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Drum,/hypochlorite6638393.html,12,Drum HYFDGV Steel Drum Max 90% OFF Tongue 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio $156 HYFDGV Steel Drum Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio Musical Instruments Drums Percussion HYFDGV Steel Drum Max 90% OFF Tongue 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio $156 HYFDGV Steel Drum Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio Musical Instruments Drums Percussion Steel,,HYFDGV,Tongue,Percussio,$156,Notes,13,Inches,Steel,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,Drum,/hypochlorite6638393.html,12,Drum

HYFDGV Steel Drum Deluxe Max 90% OFF Tongue 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio

HYFDGV Steel Drum Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio


HYFDGV Steel Drum Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio

Product description


The steel drum is a musical instrument that is not difficult for beginners of all ages.
The steel tongue drum is made of high-quality carbon steel to enhance corrosion resistance and heat resistance. The sound range is wider, which can meet the various needs of beginners or professional players to play different types of songs. The tone of the steel tongue drum is ethereal and melodious, and the tone is very stable. It is usually widely used in mental treatment to calm people's emotions.
Color: Brown , Black , Green , Red
Material: steel-titanium alloy
Item size: 12 inches
Product weight: about 3.9kg packaging
1 * Steel tongue drum
2 *Drumsticks
1 * Music book with English description
1 * carry bag
4 *Hand guard

HYFDGV Steel Drum Steel Tongue Drum 12 Inches 13 Notes Percussio

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