$28 EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, Net Sail, Sun Shade A Tools Home Improvement Hardware EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Sail A Sun Fashion Shade Net Tarp Duty,Sail,,Tarp,,Mesh,Travel,appbryggeriet.com,Heavy,EZ,Shade,Collection,/internecine6312663.html,A,$28,Net,Sun,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Sail A Sun Fashion Shade Net Tarp Duty,Sail,,Tarp,,Mesh,Travel,appbryggeriet.com,Heavy,EZ,Shade,Collection,/internecine6312663.html,A,$28,Net,Sun,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware $28 EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, Net Sail, Sun Shade A Tools Home Improvement Hardware

EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Sail A Sun Fashion Shade Bargain Net Tarp

EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, Net Sail, Sun Shade A


EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, Net Sail, Sun Shade A

Product description

Our mesh tarps are tough and give 73 percent shade while allowing 27 percent light penetration. Made of durable polypropylene, these tarps offer full protection against the sun's harmful UV rays. The breathable material is acid resistant, rot resistant, tear resistant and mildew resistant and retains its flexibility even in arctic conditions. Mesh tarps make excellent truck tarp that cover and secure cargo in place. They are also excellent tarp choice for use as a camping shade, in patios, or in any areas where a sufficient amount of shade is needed.

EZ Travel Collection Heavy Duty Mesh Tarp, Net Sail, Sun Shade A

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