$74 One New Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Volt Coil Fits John Deere Tract Patio, Lawn Garden Farm Ranch One New depot Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Fits Deere John Tract Coil Volt One New depot Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Fits Deere John Tract Coil Volt Kit,/internecine6362363.html,Patio, Lawn Garden , Farm Ranch,Tune-Up,Coil,appbryggeriet.com,New,$74,John,6,Ignition,Volt,Tract,One,Fits,Deere $74 One New Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Volt Coil Fits John Deere Tract Patio, Lawn Garden Farm Ranch Kit,/internecine6362363.html,Patio, Lawn Garden , Farm Ranch,Tune-Up,Coil,appbryggeriet.com,New,$74,John,6,Ignition,Volt,Tract,One,Fits,Deere

Max 74% OFF One New depot Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Fits Deere John Tract Coil Volt

One New Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Volt Coil Fits John Deere Tract


One New Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Volt Coil Fits John Deere Tract

Product description

One New Aftermarket Replacement Ignition Tune-Up Kit and 6-Volt Coil Fits John Deere Tractors

Kit Contains:
(1) Tailored Spark Plug Wire Set (w/o Power Steering)
(1) Ignition Tune-Up Kit
(1) Distributor Cap
(1) Ignition Coil w/ Bracket

Tailored Spark Plug Wires -
Like Original, Preassembled Copper Core
Waterproof Neoprene with Straight Boots (Steel Terminals)
15-3/4" Long Coil Wire
11" Long Plug Wires

Ignition Tune-Up Kit - For Delco Distributors Thru 1963
Kit Includes:
Spark Plugs (2)
14MM, 7/16" Reach
13/16" Hex Spark Plug
Spark Plug Gap: 0.025"
Point Gap: 0.020"

Distributor Cap -
2 Cylinder Vertical
6 Volt
Clip Held Cap
For Delco Distributor

Ignition Coil w/ Bracket -
6 Volt
For Side Mount Distributors
Includes Bracket

Fits Models: M, MC, MT, 40, 320, 330, 420, 430, 440
All OEM part numbers and logos are to be used for identification purposes only

One New Ignition Tune-Up Kit 6 Volt Coil Fits John Deere Tract

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