$1330 Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerbo Musical Instruments Guitars $1330 Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerbo Musical Instruments Guitars Beck,Rosewood,Electric,Guitar,,/internecine6587563.html,$1330,Stratocaster,Fender,appbryggeriet.com,Fingerbo,Musical Instruments , Guitars,Jeff Beck,Rosewood,Electric,Guitar,,/internecine6587563.html,$1330,Stratocaster,Fender,appbryggeriet.com,Fingerbo,Musical Instruments , Guitars,Jeff Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Outstanding Rosewood Fingerbo Guitar Electric Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Outstanding Rosewood Fingerbo Guitar Electric

Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Outstanding Rosewood Fingerbo Finally popular brand Guitar Electric

Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerbo


Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerbo

Product description

Color:olympic white

From his blistering British Invasion beginnings through his amazingly varied solo career and right up to today, Jeff Beck has made the Stratocaster guitar an integral part of his signature sound. Fender's Jeff Beck Stratocaster features an alder body, soft C-shaped maple neck with contoured heel for easier access to high registers, and Fender Special Design dual-coil ceramic Noiseless pickups with five-way switching.

Fender Jeff Beck Stratocaster Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fingerbo

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