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Balance Lamp LED Table lamp Magnetic Challenge the lowest price of Japan ☆ Switch Factory outlet Warm USB Eye Powered

Balance Lamp LED Table lamp Magnetic Switch USB Powered Warm Eye


Balance Lamp LED Table lamp Magnetic Switch USB Powered Warm Eye

Product description


- SOFT AND NOT GLARE: The LED lamp beads are soft and not glare, which will bring you a quiet and warm home.
- TWO MAGNET BALLS CONTROL: The lamp is controlled by two magnet balls. When the lower magnet ball is lifted, it will be attracted by the hanging ball and remain hanging in midair while turning on the light.
- SUITABLE OCCASIONS: The lamp is simple and beautiful, suitable for study, bedroom, etc. It is also a work of art.
- MULTI-USE LAMP: The USB interface power supply for more convenient, refusing to be bound. The multi-use lamp is suitable for office, bedroom, living room, Valentine's day gifts, etc.
- THREE LIGHTING MODES: The warm light, white light, and RGB color light are adjustable to meet your requirements for light.


- Material: Acrylic
- Size: about 385x205x70mm /15.13x8.07x2.76in
- Light color: warm light, white light, RGB color light
- Power: USB
- Voltage: 5V
- Power: 5W
- Lumen: warm light 3000K, white light: 6000-6500K
- LED chip: 2835, white + 2835 warm + 3528RGB

Package Includes:

1x LED Light


Conversion: 1inch=2.54cm, 1cm=0.393inch
Please allow slightly 0-1cm difference due to manual measurement.
Colors can appear different depending on light and how the listing is viewed.
Thanks for your understanding and attention. Wish you a pleasant shopping experience!

Balance Lamp LED Table lamp Magnetic Switch USB Powered Warm Eye

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