Bass Trombone with trigger Quantity limited double Bass Trombone with trigger Quantity limited double $836 Bass Trombone with double trigger Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,/jaunce6617815.html,,$836,with,Bass,Trombone,trigger,double $836 Bass Trombone with double trigger Musical Instruments Band Orchestra Musical Instruments , Band Orchestra,/jaunce6617815.html,,$836,with,Bass,Trombone,trigger,double

Bass Trombone Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift with trigger Quantity limited double

Bass Trombone with double trigger


Bass Trombone with double trigger

Product description

New Gold color Bass trombone with double trigger. With extra D tuning. 0.563" bore. It is a copy of YAMAHA YBL613H. Great intonation and sound. Bell size 9.5". It comes with hard case and mouthpiece.

Bass Trombone with double trigger

Blackout Curtain Panels 2 Set 72 Inch Long, Vintage and Anchor T

Welcome to... Ely Cathedral

Join in... Worship and Music

Discover... the History of the Cathedral

Visit... the Cathedral

Experience... Event Hire and Hospitality at Ely Cathedral

Joyfully proclaiming the love of God in Worship, Outreach, Welcome and Care

Dear Friends, 

We are delighted to be fully open and operational and welcoming both worshippers and visitors to Ely Cathedral. While restrictions have been eased, the safety and wellbeing of all our visitors, worshippers, staff and volunteers remains a priority and therefore we will continue to offer hand sanitisation and encourage social distancing and the use of face masks whilst in the building. Visitor opening times are 10am - 4pm, Monday - Saturday, and from 1pm - 3.30pm on Sunday. If you require a ticket please make sure you have booked before you arrive. Tickets can be pre-booked online EryaxuAU Air Conditioned Clothes for Men Women Cooling Vest for

Our full schedule of services are also open to anyone wishing to attend in person. Morning Prayer takes place at 7.30am, followed by Holy Communion at 8am, with Evensong or Evening Prayer at 5.30pm, Monday - Saturday. There are three services on Sunday including a Sung Eucharist at 10.30am and Evensong at 4.00pm Please observe the safety measures in place and sign in as you attend as we no longer require worshippers to book seats in advance.

We will continue to offer worship remotely by live streaming services. We are delighted with the response we have had from people all over the world who have enjoyed joining us in worship. Details and information on how to access services online is available on our Worship pages on this website. You can also keep in touch with us and keep up to date with our activities via our social media channels.

Our prayers and thoughts remain with those who have lost loved ones during this time especially those bereaved as a result of this pandemic.

With my prayers and best wishes,


Team Ely Cathedral participates in 2000 mile challenge.

Ely Cathedral team participates in 2,000 mile bike challenge Cyclists from Ely Cathedral join in the launch of the 2,000 mile Cathedrals Cycle Route. Cyclists from Ely Cathedral will be taking part in a nationwide relay......  Read more »

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BLLXMX Exercise Bike Belt Drive Stationary Bike Indoor Cycling B

Voice Trials for boys - Saturday 12 June Ely Cathedral and King's Ely are on the lookout for the next generation of boy choristers - our next voice trials for boys in......  Read more »

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More children to reap benefits of Cathedral Choristership in Ely

Choristership at Ely Cathedral is evolving to allow equal opportunities for boys and girls - and to enable more children and young people with a love of singing to get involved.......  Read more »

Red Bedroom Blackout Curtains, Country Picnic Polka Dots, Three-

Canon Jessica Martin has the honour of delivering the prestigious Bampton Lectures this year. The Bampton Lectures, founded by the will of the Revd John Bampton (1690-1751), first took place at the......  Read more »

The Chorister Experience for Families - Register now

The Chorister Experience for Families at Ely Cathedral - Saturday 22 May 2021 The Chorister Experience is an event for boys in Years 2 and 3. The first Chorister Experience was held......  Read more »

Ely Cathedral remembers victims of Covid-19 on national day of reflection

Ely Cathedral will be remembering all those who have died as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic in a special day of prayer and reflection on 23 March. This date marks......  Read more »

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