$105 BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Elderly Adults Assist Handle Handi Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment $105 BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Elderly Adults Assist Handle Handi Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Assist Handle Handi Adults trust Elderly Folding,Handi,Elderly,Assist,Handle,BETTKEN,$105,/metroptosis6255209.html,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Guard,Bed,for,appbryggeriet.com,Adults Folding,Handi,Elderly,Assist,Handle,BETTKEN,$105,/metroptosis6255209.html,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Guard,Bed,for,appbryggeriet.com,Adults BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Assist Handle Handi Adults trust Elderly

BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Ranking integrated 1st place Assist Handle Handi Adults trust Elderly

BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Elderly Adults Assist Handle Handi


BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Elderly Adults Assist Handle Handi

Product description


Elderly Bedside Handrail Bed Support is perfect for those that lack mobility, suffer from loss of balance, or simply fall out of bed during the night.

Product: Bed Rails for Elderly Adults

Material: stainless steel

Size: 70x40cm,Folding size: 110x13cm
Size: 95x40cm,Folding size: 127x13cm
Size: 120x40cm,Folding size: 153x13cm

Applicable people: the elderly, pregnant women, leg injuries, disabled people.

Applicable environment: home, hotel.

Applicable people: elderly patients pregnant women

Suitable for all sizes of beds(Suitable for mattress height: 10CM and above)



The allows individuals to rise from chairs, sofas and recliners with greater ease.

Home Care Product :

It is strong and stable.Great for assist to stand up from kneeling or squatting position


This handicap rail easily install with installation instructions.

BETTKEN Folding Bed Guard for Elderly Adults Assist Handle Handi

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