/metroptosis6312009.html,Floral,Outdo,$28,Retro,Indoor,Tablecloth,appbryggeriet.com,Backed,Flannel,Garden,Vinyl,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining $28 Retro Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Backed Floral Indoor Outdo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Retro Bargain Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Indoor Backed Floral Outdo $28 Retro Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Backed Floral Indoor Outdo Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining /metroptosis6312009.html,Floral,Outdo,$28,Retro,Indoor,Tablecloth,appbryggeriet.com,Backed,Flannel,Garden,Vinyl,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Retro Bargain Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Indoor Backed Floral Outdo

Retro Bargain Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Cheap mail order shopping Flannel Indoor Backed Floral Outdo

Retro Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Backed Floral Indoor Outdo


Retro Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Backed Floral Indoor Outdo

Product description

Great for indoor and outdoor use.
Perfect for picnics and camping

52 x 90 Oblong / Rectangle
Fits Rectangle Tables 28x60 to 40x72 inches that seats 6-8

100% vinyl with 100% polyester flannel backing

To clean - wipe with a damp cloth

New in the original package.

Retro Garden Tablecloth Vinyl Flannel Backed Floral Indoor Outdo

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