$178 Hand Crank Roller Kit with Solid Vinyl Asphalt Tarp for Dump Tru Tools Home Improvement Hardware $178 Hand Crank Roller Kit with Solid Vinyl Asphalt Tarp for Dump Tru Tools Home Improvement Hardware Roller,$178,Kit,with,Hand,Dump,/metroptosis6362109.html,Asphalt,Crank,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Solid,appbryggeriet.com,for,Vinyl,Tarp,Tru Hand Crank Roller SALENEW very popular! Kit with Solid Tru Dump Asphalt Tarp for Vinyl Hand Crank Roller SALENEW very popular! Kit with Solid Tru Dump Asphalt Tarp for Vinyl Roller,$178,Kit,with,Hand,Dump,/metroptosis6362109.html,Asphalt,Crank,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Solid,appbryggeriet.com,for,Vinyl,Tarp,Tru

Hand Crank Roller SALENEW very popular Kit with Solid Tru Dump Ranking TOP13 Asphalt Tarp for Vinyl

Hand Crank Roller Kit with Solid Vinyl Asphalt Tarp for Dump Tru


Hand Crank Roller Kit with Solid Vinyl Asphalt Tarp for Dump Tru

Product description

Size:7' X 15'

All Truck Products Dump Tarp Kits are built for dump body and dump trailer tarp applications. The extruded aluminum octagon roller axle telescopes to the exact width of your truck. The kit includes: 7 in. folding crank with locking lever, tarp roller, a 20 ft pull-rope, 2 pair of rope tie down hooks, and two rubber tarp straps with S-hooks. The black solid vinyl asphalt tarps have brass grommets ever 24" and are reinforced with double-stitched hems. The tarp has a 6" rear pocket for an optional retention bow -- search for: "M1010"

Hand Crank Roller Kit with Solid Vinyl Asphalt Tarp for Dump Tru

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