$115 Great White PRPSGW32 White Mycorrhizae, 1 Quart, 32 Ounce, Blue Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care White,32,PRPSGW32,Ounce,,/metroptosis6362409.html,appbryggeriet.com,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,1,White,$115,Blue,Quart,,Mycorrhizae,,Great Great White PRPSGW32 Mycorrhizae Manufacturer OFFicial shop 1 Blue 32 Ounce Quart Great White PRPSGW32 Mycorrhizae Manufacturer OFFicial shop 1 Blue 32 Ounce Quart $115 Great White PRPSGW32 White Mycorrhizae, 1 Quart, 32 Ounce, Blue Patio, Lawn Garden Gardening Lawn Care White,32,PRPSGW32,Ounce,,/metroptosis6362409.html,appbryggeriet.com,Patio, Lawn Garden , Gardening Lawn Care,1,White,$115,Blue,Quart,,Mycorrhizae,,Great

Great White PRPSGW32 Mycorrhizae Manufacturer OFFicial shop 1 Blue 32 Ounce Max 55% OFF Quart

Great White PRPSGW32 White Mycorrhizae, 1 Quart, 32 Ounce, Blue


Great White PRPSGW32 White Mycorrhizae, 1 Quart, 32 Ounce, Blue

Product description

Size:32 Ounce

Great White is the most advanced mycorrhizal product on the market today. The cutting edge formula contains 15 different species of mycorrhizal fungi, 19 different species of beneficial bacteria, 2 species of trichoderma, plant vitamins and glycine all in one product. Research shows that this powerful formula will ignite plant and root growth, giving plants the tools they need to maximize yields. Great White's concentrated formula ensures optimum colonization of root systems by the fungi for less money. The water soluble powder makes application a snap and delivers the spores directly to the roots for immediate germination. Users should look for explosive root growth, increased yields, increased fruiting and flowering, increased nutrient and water absorption and improved transplant success. The key to healthy and vital plants starts with a vigorous root system and a vigorous root system starts with Great White. Also, using Great White increases water uptake and the overall absorption area of the root system, resulting in a healthier plant.

Great White PRPSGW32 White Mycorrhizae, 1 Quart, 32 Ounce, Blue

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