$22 Urinals for Men with Screw Top Reusable Large Plastic Pee Bottle Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Plastic,Screw,Bottle,Reusable,Urinals,for,/metroptosis6587509.html,Pee,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,appbryggeriet.com,Men,Top,with,Large,$22 $22 Urinals for Men with Screw Top Reusable Large Plastic Pee Bottle Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Urinals for Men with Soldering Screw Top Bottle Pee Reusable Plastic Large Plastic,Screw,Bottle,Reusable,Urinals,for,/metroptosis6587509.html,Pee,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,appbryggeriet.com,Men,Top,with,Large,$22 Urinals for Men with Soldering Screw Top Bottle Pee Reusable Plastic Large

Urinals for Philadelphia Mall Men with Soldering Screw Top Bottle Pee Reusable Plastic Large

Urinals for Men with Screw Top Reusable Large Plastic Pee Bottle


Urinals for Men with Screw Top Reusable Large Plastic Pee Bottle

Product description


Male urine bottle suitable for wide use:
Our Urine Collection Containers are perfectly sized for the elderly, bedridden patients, people with a disability, or travelers on the go.
Incontinence care populations; Bedridden patients, elderly care; Someone who can't walk and walk inconvenient; Long song festivals, long time car driving, camping and etc.
1. Our Urinal Chambers are made from high quality and durable plastic that ensures a long lifespan of the product.
2. Pee Bottles come with a Sealed Grip Handle and lid, which easy to use, and is shaped to fit on most Bedrails.An attached lid helps prevent spilling and reduces odors.
3.The tube and lid can be separated for easy cleaning. It can be reused after cleaning
4.Men portable pee bottle with measured marked capacity.
5.Long tube Length (include blue tube) 63 in. Patient could use the urinal in bed or wheelchair directly.Diameter is 0.78 in. Don't worry the tube clogged when you use.
We always stand by our products and take the extra step to satisfy our customers, therefore your Male Urinals will be backed by the 30-day money back guarantee.

Urinals for Men with Screw Top Reusable Large Plastic Pee Bottle

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