C,/metroptosis6638409.html,Ocarina,JINLI-CASE,Piccolo,Flute,Smoked,Ceramic,Musical Instruments , Wind Woodwind Instruments,$24,Alto,appbryggeriet.com,12,Holes JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Popular standard C Alto Ocarina Flute Smoked JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Popular standard C Alto Ocarina Flute Smoked $24 JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Ocarina Flute Alto C Smoked Musical Instruments Wind Woodwind Instruments C,/metroptosis6638409.html,Ocarina,JINLI-CASE,Piccolo,Flute,Smoked,Ceramic,Musical Instruments , Wind Woodwind Instruments,$24,Alto,appbryggeriet.com,12,Holes $24 JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Ocarina Flute Alto C Smoked Musical Instruments Wind Woodwind Instruments

JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 outlet Holes Ceramic Popular standard C Alto Ocarina Flute Smoked

JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Ocarina Flute Alto C Smoked


JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Ocarina Flute Alto C Smoked

Product description

How to Play:
Press the two air holes on the back with your two thumbs and press the front air holes with your forefingers and middle fingers.
Hold the ocarina bottom gently with your ring fingers in case it drops out when you loose all the other fingers.
Gently press the air holes with your finger pulps not your finger tips; do not leave any interspace and do not press them too hard.
Put the mouthpiece in your mouth, not too deep and you can play it.

Material: Dolomite Ceramic
Tone: Alto C
Item Size: Approx. 19 * 10 * 6cm / 7.5 * 3.9 * 2.3in
Item Weight: 214g / 7.5oz
Lanyard Length: 33cm / 34.2in
Package Size: Approx. 19.5 * 13 * 8cm / 7.7 * 5.1 * 3.1in
Package Weight: 345g / 12.2oz

Package List:
1 * Plastic Ocarina
1 * Lanyard
1 * Musical Notation (English)

JINLI-CASE Piccolo 12 Holes Ceramic Ocarina Flute Alto C Smoked

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