$62 Solar Street Light ,150W Motion Sensor Solar Light LED Flood Lig Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans $62 Solar Street Light ,150W Motion Sensor Solar Light LED Flood Lig Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Solar Street Light 150W Motion Trust Flood LED Lig Sensor Solar,Light,Solar,,150W,$62,/mone6312435.html,Motion,Lig,Light,Flood,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,appbryggeriet.com,Street,Sensor,LED Solar,Light,Solar,,150W,$62,/mone6312435.html,Motion,Lig,Light,Flood,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,appbryggeriet.com,Street,Sensor,LED Solar Street Light 150W Motion Trust Flood LED Lig Sensor

Solar Street Light 150W Motion Trust Flood LED Discount is also underway Lig Sensor

Solar Street Light ,150W Motion Sensor Solar Light LED Flood Lig


Solar Street Light ,150W Motion Sensor Solar Light LED Flood Lig

Product description

INTRODUCTION ; The solar wall light can automatically detect surrounding brightness and human activities: it enters charging mode to convert sunlight to electricity that is stored in the built-in battery in daytime; it automatically lights up at night when the high-tech built-in sensor detect human activities. For energy saving, it will enter sleeping mode in 20 seconds when the human activities was not detected.

NOTICE; You can use the always-on mode, it can working if not with motion sensor also, the solar light will always be on .

Solar panel: 9V7W
Battery: Lithium battery 3.7V 12000mAh
Current: 2A
Power: 15W ,Output power ;150W

LED quantity: 150 pcs (2835C 22-24lm 6000K-6500K) Max lumen: 2500lm
Response angle: gt;180°
Response distance: 5-10m( 33ft )

The default mode of the product is OFF mode. Turn on the switch when using the product.

PACKINGLIST: 435*235*90mm , Weight: 2.5Kg

It is recommender to turn off the light and charge it under direct sunlight for 6H before the first use. Make sure the product has enough power.

1. Solar Wall Light3. Wall mounting screw. 5. Screw nut 2. Mounting Bracket4. Bracket screw 6. Screw bolt 7. User Manual


The default mode of the product is OFF mode. Turn on the switch when using the product.

EASY TO INSTALL; All-in-one design, the front is the LED light, the back is the solar panel ,with bracket screw fittings, etc, Punch two holes on the wall with a drill bit and insert the attached wall plugs into the holes. Then, twist the screws through the screw holes of holder into the wall plugs. Adjust the angle, and then tighten the holster and the light through the knob screw.

Solar Street Light ,150W Motion Sensor Solar Light LED Flood Lig

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