PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex with Set chrome-plated Very popular! Key sizes $48 PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex Key Set, chrome-plated, with sizes Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $48 PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex Key Set, chrome-plated, with sizes Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools PB,sizes,appbryggeriet.com,chrome-plated,,Swiss,Tools,with,$48,Set,,Ball,Key,/mone6361835.html,Point,Hex,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools PB,sizes,appbryggeriet.com,chrome-plated,,Swiss,Tools,with,$48,Set,,Ball,Key,/mone6361835.html,Point,Hex,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex with Set chrome-plated Very popular! Key sizes

PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Department store Hex with Set chrome-plated Very popular Key sizes

PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex Key Set, chrome-plated, with sizes


PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex Key Set, chrome-plated, with sizes

Product description

Excellent tools for a job well done. PB Swiss Tools, established in 1878 and operating as a family business, offers a broad range of hand tools, such as screwdrivers, ratchets, torque wrenches, hex keys, hammers, punches, chisels, awls, bits, bit drivers, drive sockets, etc., for industry professionals, mechanics, and do it yourself enthusiasts. Today, the products are still entirely developed in the Emmental region of Switzerland and are produced with sustainability in mind. For over 130 years, PB Swiss Tools has been manufacturing hand-held tools for professionals and craftsmen who insist on the highest standards of quality, durability, and precision. PB Swiss Tools has spent over a century perfecting the ideal blend of quality spring steel alloys and precise heat treating processes to develop hand tools of unrivaled quality and performance. PB Swiss Tools hold tolerances less than a human hair on many of its products. This results in hand tools of unsurpassed precision, toughness and flexibility. PB Swiss Tools can also cater for individual client demands for special tools and offers a timely unlimited guarantee on all its products. These tools are guaranteed to exceed the expectations of every tool user. That's why professionals around the world have been buying PB Swiss Tools for over 100 years! They are stronger, last longer, and have features no other company can offer. More importantly, our customers use these tools because they work! The quality of your tools should match the quality of your work. So, only one question remains, do your tools stand up to the quality of PB Swiss Tools? By using poor quality tools, users can damage equipment and endanger themselves and others. Inferior tools wear out quickly or even worse, they can strip out the head of your fastener. PB Swiss Tools manufactures according to the following standards: ISO9001, SQS9004, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, FSC COC SQS REG.NR.10762.

PB Swiss Tools Ball Point Hex Key Set, chrome-plated, with sizes

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