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XOO.ZH Sales for sale 21

XOO.ZH 21" Classical Acoustic Guitar Basswood Guitar with Gig Ba


XOO.ZH 21" Classical Acoustic Guitar Basswood Guitar with Gig Ba

Product description

This is a beautiful guitar with a glossy body and a matte neck.
It has a very cool and comfortable design.
Don't miss this cost-effective guitar.
Notice: The strings are all in loose to keep from damage during the delivery. You have to tune them up before playing.

1. Good Looking. The Ukulele is beautiful and well-made. We have different colors for you to make choice.
2. High quality. The Ukulele is generally made of high quality Basswood and nylon strings. All these make the tone of Ukulele bright and smooth .
3. Easy to play. The Ukulele is suitable for beginners, either children or adults. If you would like to start playing Ukulele, it is the best choice for you.
4. Free accessories. We offer you a fine package of free accessories: a set of 4 strings, a high quality Ukulele bag, and 2 finger picks.

Type:4-String Soprano
Body Material:Basswood
Fingerboard Material:Basswood
Tuning Keys Material:nickel-plated
Strings Material:Nylon String
Product Size:21''
Product Weight: 0.4kg

Package included:
1 x 21'' Ukulele
1 x Set of 4 Strings
1x 600D Nylon Ukulele Bag
1x Pick
2 x Finger Picks

XOO.ZH 21" Classical Acoustic Guitar Basswood Guitar with Gig Ba

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