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Max 45% OFF YODZ 6.0 Inch Hair Cutting Stainless Professional price Scissors Set

YODZ 6.0 Inch Hair Cutting Scissors Set, Professional Stainless


YODZ 6.0 Inch Hair Cutting Scissors Set, Professional Stainless

Product description

Better Hair Choice, More Beautiful Life -- Hair Cutting Scissors

Premium stainless steel hairdressing scissors is tempered with precise blades so that you can trim hair effortlessly.
Ergonomic design, elegant streamlined handle makes it comfortable and easy to use, reducing fatigue of wrists, elbows and hands.
Our hair hairdressing scissors set are fully equipped and perfect for private use at home.
You can also do it anytime and anywhere haircut, create your own ideal hairstyle and you time and money!

Size: 6.0 inch / 17 CM
Material: 9CR
Hardness: 60HRC
Sparse rate: 20%-30%

Package Include:
1 * Straight Scissors
1 * Thinning Scissors
1 * Leather Case

The perfect hairdressing scissors set for everyone who wants to start with their own haircut.

YODZ 6.0 Inch Hair Cutting Scissors Set, Professional Stainless

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