appbryggeri n ( singular definite: appbryggeriet )
1. a brewery (building where beer apps are produced)


Raceday Stopwatch

A stopwatch for people with racing in their blood.

100% Percent Calculator

Utility app for calculating percentages in a wide variety of ways! Made with Appkokeriet.

  • Client: Appkokeriet
  • Date: Spring 2016
  • Platform: iPhone / iPad
  • iOS App Store: link
  • Google Play Store: link


Appbryggeriet is a Norwegian-based applications developer, focusing on native apps for all platforms in the Apple ecosystem. We aim to deliver beautiful apps on every device. All the way from the big-screen and your TV, down to the Watch on your wrist - and every device in between.

Focusing primarily on in-house projects for the time being, we might be open to client work should the right app and client come along. Feel free to contact us below, or send an e-mail to thomas (at) appbryggeriet dot com.

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